Friday, July 31, 2009

New stock from the stokist....~

Anyone intrested to SEE, to TOUCH and to TRY it, you are the most welcome :) FREE OF CHARGE!!!!!!! contact me!
Hurry up!while stock last! email me :
yang CHUBBY ke,yg OBES ke,even yg KURUS pun boleh pakai....sebb corset ni akan meningkatkan metabolisme kita. So,insyaAllah anda yg kurus pun boleh jadi berisi ,trust me!
Product ni 70% kesihatan, 30% beauty.
Daripada kita buang duit consume banyak2 vitamin,jumpa doctor sana sini, bersenam tak consisten, ape kata cuba product ni! Tepuk dada tnya selera.....~

Yes!the price mayb a bit expensive. But if u compared to other options such as gym,slimming center and diet yg tak seimbang, this is actually the CHEAPEST one. Plus, it can be used at least 5 yrs!

August's promotion :
RM2300 for all sizes.....(S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXL,XXXXL)
(normal prices : RM2400 - RM 2600)

cash and installment all acceptable!

installment : RM 200 for 12 months (boleh dirunding)

Pls contact me for further information!!!
(Jgn malu2,kami sedia berkongsi pengalaman dgn anda)